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Beyond Duty is the Position of Love

Is Duty and love are on same platform? If no why? It’s good to be dutiful but when duty done in a consciousness to please Krishna then love awakens. It’s good to be dutiful, respectful, honest which is a mode of goodness. Beyond duty is position of love. We want others to be pleased and […]
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The Power Of Bhakti

Is it really possible to become fixed in transcendence? Because after all who can say how many life times have been involved in the matter? We have an affinity for matter. And even if we get elevated like you are doing with me; giving me knowledge and we go way up there and what happens […]
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Material Mind Vs Spiritual Mind

Material Mind engages in material activities and will be cause for bondage. When mind is engaged in service of Sri Krishna its no longer acting in material way, the material action of mind is dissolved and spiritual action will continue. Explaining about Diety with a finger cut, how did devotees react in Australia
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Serving in a mood to please Krishna

King discipline, Parents discipline, How can I make sure to discipline as a mother or in general? How to be honest with yourself, Krishna and those disciplining, to whom you are offering the service. Its duty as mother to discipline. The essence is discipline should be proceeding by love, the people will
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Activities Pleasing Krishna

In Bhagavad Gita 12th chapter Lord Krishna describes what is pleasing to Him very much. We find largely as qualities and activities which pleases Him Quality is a symptom of knowledge. Offer a fruit, flower with love. How to know am I offering with Love? Maharaj says Everyone knows what love is and what sincerity
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Deity versus Idol

Our process is against worshiping idols. But there is a difference between idols and arca vigraha. Bible is called holy; what makes it holy? Because is it given by God! It is made up of trees, cotton and some minerals and glue. What makes it worshipable? Why Webster dictionary not holy? What’s holy about the
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Clarity of The Goal!

Teaching from Chiatanya Mahaprabhu is – the living entity , part and parcel of The Supreme living entity belongs with Krishna and some small group of the living entities turned their attention away from Krishna. Sanskrit term by Jiva Gosvami is ‘Bahirmukha’ (We turned our attention away from
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Prabhupada’s gift to the world!

The kirtan went wild…the reporter said “Swamiji, you have come to this country from India, you have many followers now in America. There must be some message that you came to deliver. Would you like to share with us , what is that message for the world…He held the microphone. “Very
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